Copenhagenize classe les villes qui aiment le vélo

Nantes en cinquième position. Derrière Amsterdam ok mais devant Berlin ? ben les gars il y a encore du boulot !
Le rapport succinct du Copenhagenize :

Nantes en 5ième position

Nantes en 5ième position

The Copenhagenize Report
Right behind Bordeaux is another French city making a surprising appearance in the Top 20. Nantes. If there is one city in Europe that is taking a serious look at a changing the game, it’s Nantes. Enormous political will is key to the paradigm shift in the city and the metro area. While positive political signals are vital, let’s not forget that the city will spend €40 million on cycling between 2009 and 2014 and have increased their bicycle infrastructure to almost 400 km.

The modal share in the Métropole (metro area) rose from 2% to 4.5% between 2008 and 2012 and it has surpassed 5% in the city itself. Nantes was the first city in France to allow right turns on red for bicycle users. A great bike share system and subsidies for cargo bike purchases also boost Nantes’ ranking and gave them impressive bonus points.

The City is the « Green Capital of Europe 2013 » – which means absolutely nothing to most of us, but the City will also host the 2015 Velo-City Bicycle Conference. The point being their are keen to profile themselves and commit to change.

Copenhagenize Fixes
So you’re talking the talk, Nantes. You’re also starting to walk the walk but what will define the liveability of the city is how far you’re willing to go. Your goal of 15% modal share is great and you’re on your way. You are, however, still a « work in progress » so maintaining the political will and investment is incredibly important. Expand your infrastructure network – including more international best practice and take traffic calming measures seriously.

Et en parlant des « bonnes pratiques internationales », ailleurs le vélo est l’ami du piéton et n’a pas peur des voitures : voyez un peu l’aménagement ! mais où a été prise cette photo ?